Yoruba, as an indigenous ethnicity, dwelling upon their own ancestral land, have existed from time immemorial. Yoruba society is one in which the mantra of “Omolúàbí” reigns supreme. It is the distinguishing factor of the Yoruba person and his society.


In the Yoruba society, plain trustworthiness rules; the nature and capacity of the people is such that elegance, poise, divine purpose and the innate construct to enhance the welfare of the other person are the embedded traits.

This, today, may seem like the dreamworld as the years and decades of colonization and neo-colonization have practically turned the average Yoruba person into what may not necessarily represent the natural untainted Yoruba man. This piece, therefore, is about the untainted Yoruba man, much of which can still be seen, though, especially when observed “in vivo.”



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The Yoruba society, thus, is the very ideal of humanity under the reign of divinity.

To say that the Yoruba society is a spiritual society is almost an understatement. This is clearly different from being organisationally devout. Rather, it’s an embedded spirituality that is the very umbilical cord of the Yoruba society and the individual Yoruba person.

The goal of the Yoruba society is peace, tranquility, joy, achievement of things of the order of nobility and celebration of same.

Yoruba Society: The People & the Culture

From the Egba variant of this peculiar specie, to the Ekiti, the Ondo, and many more, there’s the more-than-interesting study sample of humanity as humanity should be.

If all on earth should be Yoruba, though we would surely miss several other divinely-created species, there definitely would be utmost peace, respect for that which is nobly high and lofty as well as a love that transcends diversity.

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The Yoruba man’s connection with the spiritual is legendary. He commands the elements with what seems to be relative ease. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. The Yoruba man is actually one whose entire life is one of learning, and learning, spirituality.

In the Yoruba society, you cannot actually find someone who needs introduction to the Almighty Creator. Despite the pretence to the contrary, the Yoruba person has an inborn “knowing” of the One who created him; he spontaneously worships the Creator without needing a prompt. He worships him in a rather “embedded” way; that is, his worship of the Creator is as natural and as “unconscious” to him as his breathing. 

That’s why it’s impossible for the natural untainted Yoruba person to not go a few sentences in conversation before an unconscious reference to the Almighty is made. 

He knows him innately as Sustainer, Judge, Guide and the determinant of Destiny.

In the Yoruba society, all that is done is done understanding that the embedded rules, regulations and “love” that runs in the blood of the Yoruba person is the unseen director and that one day you will give account and be held accountable for your life by the very One who gave that life.