Insightful research has proven that the Yoruba are such a special creation of the Almighty, such that to mix Yoruba destiny into an amalgam with any other, has always proven detrimental to Yoruba land and to the fulfillment of the Yoruba as a Race.

This was one of the revelations that surfaced during the periodic situation report of goings-on in the current occupation of Yorubaland, illegally so, by the terrorist government of Nigeria.  Once upon a time, Yoruba was the cynosure of all eyes all over the world.

However, to the consternation of many other countries and nations around the world, the English man somehow managed to plunge Yoruba heritage into apparent oblivion, until the resurrection of the same, today, under the divine leadership provided through Chief (Mrs.) Modupe Onitiri-Abiola.

History has always shown that in order to obscure the profundity of the Yoruba personae, culture and people, all you need to do is to get the Yoruba to not be autonomous but to be locked inside the same politico-economic portfolio with any other ethnicity or ethnicities.

News headlines from the democratic republic of the Yoruba - the newest nation in the world as at 2024.

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The profound progress and standard of living achieved, during the pre-Independence era of “Western Nigeria,” under the leadership of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, was because, to a certain degree, the West (as it was called) had a fairly high percentage of control over its own resources and affairs; while, beginning especially from the military take-over of 1966, there has been a gradual destruction of Yoruba civilisation as more and more of the Yoruba autonomy got stripped off the Race.

This is a severe warning, therefore, to the Indigenous Yoruba People of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba – the newest Nation in the world and the 55th in Africa to always be aware that only complete autonomy, as it is today under the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, can truly satisfy the destiny-requirements of the soul of the Yoruba Race. Long live the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba – the newest nation in Africa 2024.