This is a brief explanation for all peoples about the self-determination journey (movement) of the Yoruba Nation, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba.

Indeed, this journey started many years back. Our forefathers had been ruling and governing Yorubaland from time immemorial, thus government of Yorubaland has been from the earliest times.

Caucasians (whites) came to our land, forcibly, and militarily upstaged our government, took our forebears, male and female alike, as slaves to European and Caucasian lands, and took control of our resources and commercial life in Yorubaland.

After the official end to slavery was announced worldwide, the British continued to rule over our land, occupying it and forcing their government down our throat, employing guile and brigandage to transfer the wealth and resources of our land to their own country for the development of their own society.

When these white colonialists recognised the fact that our progenitors were becoming increasingly aware of the injustice of colonisation, and that they had started asking for independence, these colonialists did further harm by amalgamating many ethnic nations together – Yoruba, Igbo, the Ijaw/Delta nations, Efik, Hausa and so on, just for their own colonial administrative convenience. This amalgam was named Nigeria. Meanwhile, ‘Nigeria’ is not the name of any nation! It is a contrapted name by the colonialists for ease of looting our resources and enforced colonial subjugation of our land and our people.

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As the youths of this contraption named Nigeria grew up and became aware of the wickedness of colonisation, the likes of Obafemi Awolowo in Yorubaland, Nnamdi Azikiwe in Igbo land, Ahmadu Bello in Hausa land, and so on, together with their peers in other nations of the Amalgam, rose up to agitate for Independence from colonial rule.

To cut a long story short, the British colonialists had to accede to the granting of Independence after decades of colonial rule. However, it was a Greek gift of an Independence, as colonial rule continued with a new face – the face of internal facilitators of British dominance, among our own people who for selfish reasons were conduit pipes for colonialism, now known as neo-colonialism. Thus, British colonial dominance continued, albeit indirectly and underhandedly, even as much of our resources continued, through illegal contractual deals, to be siphoned to the colonial master.

Nonetheless,  ethnic nationalist advocates did not rest on the oars of Nigeria’s supposed independence, but continued pushing for the true independence – the sovereign independence of the various ethnic nations of the Amalgam, just as it had been in pre-colonial times.

A key figure among patriotic Yorubas,  who has vehemently stood for true independence for all nations locked up within the Nigerian arrangement, and who, even more so, pushes for the independence of indigenous peoples, as a right guaranteed by international law, is Chief Modupeola Onitiri-Abiola, now duly acclaimed “Mother” of the Yoruba nation. Our Mother she is. She took great steps to ensure that the Yoruba Race is delivered from Slavery and from the Subjugation that birthed ‘Nigeria.’ We recall, especially, that her late husband had been at the receiving end of ‘Unjust Nigeria’, as he was killed after the 1993 Nigerian presidential election, which he won convincingly. An election which was annulled and the undisputed winner murdered! Mrs. Modupeola Onitiri-Abiola has been strong in saying that the Yoruba people were a nation of their own before the invasion of the British and that the British has done a great  disservice to the Yorubas, with the creation of Nigeria, and that the Yorubas, through self-determination, have every right to return to their true identity and stand as a sovereign nation,  just like they were from the beginning of time.

Unfortunately, some so-called elites among the Yoruba nationality do not have understanding and the foresight into the future to see the advantage of taking Onitiri-Abiola’s position. Her position was rejected while they continued  under the internal slavery masterminded by the foreign slave masters, using the willing, internal collaborators.

It is a wise saying of the Yorubas, that the predictions of the experienced elder would surely come to pass, if not imediately but definitely later. So it came to be, therefore, that about six years ago, the agitation and struggle for self-determination of the Yoruba nationality started again afresh and the generality of Yorubas decided that, come what may, they must at this time eternally and permanently cast off the shackles of colonialism and its twin, neo-colonialism, out of Yorubaland.

However, there was no real progress made by those who were seen as the leaders of the movement, till about two years ago when Mama Modupeola, daughter of Onitiri and wife of late Papa Moshood Kasimawo Abiola, joined the new struggle.

Upon noticing that the then leaders of the new movement were not towing the path that should be taken to actualise true Independence, she remained upright, while she took he bold decision to do all that is necessary to achieve total freedom for the Yorubas.  So, she surrounded herself with people she was sure truly love the Yoruba Race,  and the movement became known as “OMINIRA YORUBA 2022.” This was in response to divine leading received by her to the intent that 2022 is the year that the Declaration of Independence of the Yoruba nation had to take place.

The first step she took was the campaign for five million Yorubas to sign an Exit Petition, on behalf of all Yorubas, to exit the Nigerian arrangement. This was done, and the Petition was submitted to the United Nations for the information of the whole world, that, in accordance with international laws, the indigenous Yoruba people have chosen, at this time, to exercise their right as indigenous people, to be independent of Nigeria.

After this Petition, an expression of the intent to exit Nigeria, had been transmitted to the international community, then came the official Declaration to the whole world, of Independence of the Sovereign Yoruba nation, out of Nigeria. This Declaration was done on the 20th Day of November, 2022 and broadcast to the whole world. The president of Nigeria was duly informed. All governors elected under the Nigerian system in all the states of Yorubaland were not ignorant of this development. This official Declaration of Independence of the Yoruba Nation was appropriately submitted to the United Nations.

After the official Declaration of independence came the Reclamation Letters that were sent to all Nigerian-elected governors in Yorubaland. This was to inform them of the intention of the indigenous Yoruba people, now as the Sovereign Independent Yoruba nation, to take over, as is appropriate, all land, resources and official buildings and other government paraphernalia on Yorubaland. The president of Nigeria was served a copy of this Reclamation Letter and it was world-wide knowledge.

After this came what was captioned the “Occupation” exercise, an exercise involving physical presence of indigenous Yoruba people, under the aegis of OMINIRA YORUBA 2022, and at the instance of the now Independent Sovereign Yoruba nation, at the government Secretariats in states of Yorubaland, to the intent of showing the respective governors that the time had come when Yorubas, as Independent Sovereign Yoruba nation, want to take physical possession of statutory property on Yorubaland and occupy same. Unfortunately, the Yoruba indigenous people at the government secretariats were prevented from peacefully occupying the secretariats, as the Nigerian government invaded the premises, arrested some of the people and then imprisoned them. However, as at today, all the indigenous Yoruba people arrested and imprisoned during the occupying process have all been released,  as the Nigerian government could not establish any case against them.

Following the assiduous work that Mama Modupeola Onitiri-Abiola (MOA), now recognised as the Mother of the Glory of the Black Race, had done, together with those working with her, the United Nations informed her that, although the new Yoruba independent nation is yet to start its government, the United Nations is inviting the new nation, Yorubaland, to be represented at the 78th General Assembly of the UN, holding from the 15th to the 18th day of September, 2023. The General Assembly which sat in New York City saw Papa Ademola Faleti as the Ambassador-at-Large sent by the new nation, Yoruba, to represent the new independent nation. Ambassador Ademola Faleti has since given his report on proceedings at the General Assembly to the generality of the people of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba. This was done via Ijinle Media Tv on YouTube and Ijinle-fm radio, an online radio dedicated to news concerning the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba.

This development is a glorious achievement for all Yorubas and for the entire Black Race.

The noteworthy event that we bring you news about is that, the coming into office of the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba is now being planned and awaited. This shall be very soon, and will be in Ibadan, which is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba. The states in the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba are the erstwhile states known as Lagos (Eko), Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun, Ekiti, Kwara and Kogi. According to Mama Modupeola Onitiri-Abiola in a recent broadcast, the Provisional Government will start in these states very soon.

We hereby implore all Yorubas to rise up and donate generously to the OMINIRA YORUBA 2022 dedicated account, for the speeding up of the remaining processes towards the coming in of the Provisional Government. It is also very imperative to support and co-operate with the Provisional Government as soon as they come into office. The Yoruba Provisional Government is the  government of all indigenous Yoruba people, hence the need for all to come together and ensure its success.  The Yoruba Provisional Government shall shower its blessings upon us, but definitely not on saboteurs.