One thing that needs to be made very clear to all Indigenous Yoruba People, today, is the fact that, since the 12th of April, this year (2024), the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba (Yorubaland) became a DIFFERENT country from Nigeria. This must sink into every one of us.

Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to be able to process this, because they still see Seyi Makinde parading himself as governor in Yorubaland; similarly the other so-called governors; they still see the Nigeria Police in their uniforms taking the position they’ve always been known to take across the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba; so, because of these, certain people who are unable to reason things out at the level of legality, think that we are still in Nigeria and they still talk as though we are in Nigeria.

Let us explain it this way: Know that the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, as a country on its own, became independent of Nigeria on 20th November, 2022. What this means is that we have declared ourselves as a DIFFERENT country from Nigeria, from that date. Which means that, anytime we choose to start our own government, we shall do so.

That starting of our own government is what we did on the 12th of April, this year (2024), when we did the Proclamation of Sovereignty of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba and the Swearing-In of the Head of Provisional Government of the D.R.Y.

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Ordinarily, if Nigeria were to behave as gentlemen, that’s the day they should have left parading our streets in Yorubaland with their police and their other uniformed men; also, that is the day when all the so-called governors should have vacated the Governors’ offices and Government Houses throughout Yorubaland.

However, Nigeria has not behaved as gentlemen. That’s why, as at this writing, they have not yet left. Now, what people (Indigenous Yoruba People) need to understand is that, the fact that Nigeria has not yet left, does NOT mean that the D.R.Y is not a different country from Nigeria. Instead, what it means is that Nigeria is ILLEGALLY occupying the territory of the D.R.Y. As a result of this, in whatever you do, do not consider yourself as a citizen of Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, you should no longer patronize Nigeria. If your driving licence, for instance, is expired, don’t go to any office in Yorubaland where Nigerian laws are still being used to issue or renew driving licences. Wait to renew your driving licence as soon as the Nigerian officials who are now encroaching on the territory of the D.R.Y are made to leave, and thereafter renew your license according to D.R.Y laws – whatever the law may say.

Latest news from the newest nation in the world: The Democratic Republic of the Yoruba vis-à-vis Nigeria

When you read news, which is emanating from Nigeria, don’t see it as “our” news. Instead, see it as “news from this people that are illegally occupying our territory.” If somebody should offend you now, don’t go to “Nigeria Police” to report him/her.

That would mean you are still seeing yourself as under Nigeria. Instead, wait till we drive out these illegal occupants of our D.R.Y territory and wait till Yoruba security forces are physically occupying where Nigeria Police is illegally occupying now, and then take up the case under D.R.Y laws.

This is the sacrifice we have to make now – denying yourselves of certain things until you are able to get those things done under D.R.Y laws.

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So it is, today, that our correspondent received news that the man known as ‘Satguru Maharaj Ji’ has “knocked the Northern Elders Forum” in regard to their statement that they regret voting for Tinubu.

While many of the things he said may be correct, while others are not correct, the important thing to note, as Indigenous Yoruba People, is the fact that Satguru Maharaj Ji is definitely talking as a “Nigerian,” and no citizen of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, whose government is now in place and completely different from Nigeria, should see what Satguru Maharaj Ji says as an issue to take in the context of we still being in Nigeria, no.

No matter how much you consider the things he says as “facts,” he said those things as a “Nigerian” who still sees himself as part of Nigeria.

This, however, is not the reality on Ground. The reality on Ground is that, beginning from 12th April, 2024, Yorubaland, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, ceased being a part of Nigeria because we now have our own government. As a matter of fact, we ceased being a part of Nigeria since November 20, 2022, but on April 12, 2024, our own Government came into power.