A call has gone out to black people, especially, the world at large, to be informed and aware of what the author of “Food Forensics,” the #1 science book on Amazon.com, refers to as genetic targeting of the black race for depopulation.

According to him, in a video monitored online, “there are five or six different vectors killing black people. It’s in the food, it’s in the vaccines, it’s in the medicine, and it’s in the psychiatric drugs.”


He continues by saying that “there is genetic engineering of the food supply. There’s a science technique to alter the DNA of food crops in order to build-in certain traits and physical properties or even chemical properties that the scientists want to put into the food.”

According to him, “Your food is now being weaponized as an extermination vector to eliminate black minds.”

“I am a food scientist,” he says, “I am the author of food forensics, the number 1 science book on Amazon.com. I am the co-author of science papers that have been published in mainstream science journals. I’m not just a casual layperson when it comes to food science. I run a laboratory that I also credited, validated and inspected; I have passed many tests.


Plan to Depopulate Africa Through Genetically Modified Crops - Author of Food Forensics Reveals

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“Our data can be used in a court of law anywhere around the world.

We do food analysis. We can search for complex molecules such as pesticides or elements such as mercury or cadmium.

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I run the lab; I’m the lab science director. I know a thing or two about food science. 

Now, what the genetic engineers have invented is not only that they have found a way of putting these genetically engineered traits into food crops, they’ve now found a way to cause food crops to grow RNA fragments that can be specifically targeted like bio-weapons to interfere with physiological processes of targeted species that might eat the food.

This technology is called RNA Interference Technology. It’s relatively new, compared to GMOs. It’s being targeted now as a technology to eliminate the use of pesticides, because what they are saying is that they can cause a corn crop to grow RNA fragments that would kill the insects that eat the corn without having to use pesticides like toxic chemicals that overload the insects’ nervous system.

“This RNA Interference Technology is a pesticide technology that doesn’t rely on pesticide chemicals. It relies on RNA fragments in the food.

“What’s disturbing about this is that this technology can be fine-tuned to target a specific race of humans who eat the food.

“Food crops,” according to him, “can be engineered right now, based on already existing technology, to cause infertility in BLACK PEOPLE ALONE! That technology is a reality. There’s a lot of technology through which they can cause you to have no children; through which they can cause you to have spontaneous abortions. Black people are being targeted more than anyone else.

“Science has been taken over by globalists’ agendas and depopulation agenda,” he says.

This information comes on the back of others that have put the world on alerts against the genetically modified organisms (G.M.O), in which, like recently monitored online, a certain Prince Charles, addressing his “Pi network” audience, emphasized how Africans should not embrace the use of GMO seeds but rather use our natural organic seeds for crop planting.

He says that the GMO seeds destroy our soil and have to be purchased every year since the harvest from it cannot produce viable seeds that can be re-planted. Moreover, once used for cultivating GMO seeds, the land can no longer support our organic seeds. Long story short, African land gets destroyed, and the price of GMO seeds will increase, making many blacks to die of hunger.

Warning to Indigenous People of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba

We must never forget the Divine Blueprint given by God through Modupe Onitiri-Abiola and stick to it, and never allow our minds to ever again become colonized.

GMO is a plant, animal or microbe in which one or more changes have been made to the genome, typically using high-tech genetic engineering, in an attempt to alter the characteristics of an organism (in this case, the black race).

Yoruba land is a fertile land and as such our land doesn’t require planting or growing any genetically modified crops / seeds before we can meet food demands across our nation.

We must reject any suggestions or advice coming from groups, organisations, especially coming from the western world on what to plant, where to plant and how to plant. Because, our fathers who are farmers know the science of planting and we should not subscribe to their devlish plans.

Apart from using tractors, which is the modern way in farming practices, anything technology, methodology, including imported inorganic fertilizers should be tested before applying it to our crops (into our soils) not to mention a GMO crops or seeds.

The attempt to eradicate the black race is real. Just like the devil, they failed with Ebola, failed with HIV/AIDs, failed with Corona Virus, they never give up and always looking for alternative means.

But they will destroy themselves and their entire generations!