Osun State

Osun State of the Democratic Republic of  the Yorùbá

Osun is acclaimed as the “land of the gentle people,” epitomising the overall Omoluabi character of the entire Yoruba Race. Its chief cities include Ile-Ife, a city of commonality uniting all Yorubas together in their ancestral history.

Ile Ife house many tourist attraction centers ranging from tradition, culture to education – the Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the best and most beautiful campus in Africa.

Osun is bordered on the North by the Oyo Empire, on the East by Ekiti State, on the South-East by Ondo State, on the South by Ogun Province, and on the West by Oyo State. It thus shares borders with five other States of Yorubaland.

Osun state of the democratic republic of the Yoruba