Ondo State

Ondo State of the Democratic Republic of the Yorùbá

The Ondo State is one of the most colourful States in terms of the tongues of the Yoruba language. The Almighty has blessed the Yoruba language with various beautiful tongues of the same overall language and the Ondo State is clearly one place in which this is vastly demonstrated.

Its unique people-groups are known for their doggedness in sticking to rules, such that if you’re planning to take short-cuts that are illegal, you are advised to not try it in Ondo state and definitely not in the rest of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba anyway. People in Ondo States will show you, anyday, that you don’t take them for granted.

Pounded yam, púpúrú, are a big part of the delicacies enjoyed in various parts of Ondo State.

ondo state of the democratic republic of the yoruba