The status of hitherto-Obas in Yorubaland have more or less been put to a close long before now. There is absolutely no room for monarchies in a Republic.

 The so-called Obas, when Yoruba was still a part of Nigeria, had betrayed and still betray the cause of Indigenous Yoruba People heavily and this, over time, has attracted much indignation from the indigenous Yoruba people.

News headlines from the democratic republic of the Yoruba - the newest nation in the world as at 2024.

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However, a twist in the turn of events has now taken place as the indigenous Yoruba people have advised all Oloris (Queens) who are married to Obas that do not support the cause of the Indigenous Yoruba People of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, to stop taking children’s allowance from the fathers of these children, the so-called Obas.

This advice and warning became imperative as indigenous Yoruba people, feeling enraged by the massive betrayal of the Yoruba cause, over the years and decades, have decided that no Oba who is a betrayer of the Yoruba cause would ever again receive any blessing from the indigenous Yoruba people, but rather the repercussion that their betrayal of the Yoruba cause deserves.

However, realizing that there are certain Oloris who are positively faithful to the cause of the freedom and liberation of the Indigenous Yoruba People of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, but who are married to Obas that have betrayed that cause, such Oloris have been severely advised to no longer take upkeep for their children from these Obas. This is because the Obas, in the course of betraying the Yoruba cause over the years, have been collecting what is known as blood money from the Nigerian government to play their evil role in betraying their fellow Yoruba. 

This being so, any evil repercussion that would come on such Obas would invariably be conducted to their offspring that obtain such blood money for their own upkeep. For this reason, all Oloris whose husbands (the so-called Obas) oppose the cause of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba have been advised to stop collecting upkeep for their children from these Obas who are the fathers of those children. Rather, the Oloris are encouraged to take up responsibility for those children by themselves.