Ogun State

Ogun State of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba

Ogun State is bordered on the West by the Republic of Benin, on the North by the Oyo state, on the North-East by the Osun state, on the East by the Ondo state and on the South by the Eko state.

Ogun is well-known for business acumen, with a part of it also renown for administrative skills.
Ogun has had the history of being home to several industries which the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba will surely revamp. Ogun people have a robustness of character that makes them amiable in their own unique way. Music is practically a way of life in parts of Ogun where some of the very best musicians recognised world-wide have emerged from.

Abeokuta in Ogun state, democratic republic of the yoruba