Ibadan State

Ibadan State of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba

Ibadan Province is bordered on the West by the Republic of Benin, on the North by the OYO EMPIRE, on the East by Osun Province, and on the South by Ogun Province.

Traditionally, Ibadan Province, through its chief city – Ibadan – which is one of the largest cities in Africa, has practically always been the political capital of Yorubaland.

Ibadan Province is home to indigenes who are known for their resilience in times of foreign attack on Yorubaland. If anything else fails, the people of the chief city of the Province have been known to valiantly stand in the gap to save Yorubaland.

The Ibadan Province is also home to great footballing skills in decades past and are known for their very traditional diplomatic skills, expressed in their own unique tongue of the Yoruba language, their use of anecdotes, to the point where it is said that the people of the Province know how to handle difficult situations by sheer intuitive understanding of what the other person has not verbalised and knowing how to reply without seeming to say what they have said! Talk of native intelligence!

Ibadan State of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba