D.R.Y Latest Event

As at today, the major upcoming event in the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, is the bringing into office of the Provisional Government. It is expected to be the grand finale of the independence journey, after which governance in full measure would begin.

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The centre of attraction, without neglecting other places, will be the Capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba itself – the city of Ibadan, where the leader of OMINIRA YORUBA 2022, Modupeola Onitiri-Abiola, plans to arrive, together with the Head of the Provisional Government (Olórí Adelé) any moment from now. It will feature dancing at strategic points in the city after which both physical and spiritual cleansing of the Government Secretariat in Ibadan will take place, and the very next day, governance will begin in earnest. Visit Yoruba Nation Documentation on the journey to sovereignty (A total exit from Nigeria and the newest nation in Africa / World)

D.R.Y Awareness in Chicago

On Monday the 20th of May, 2024, the City of Chicago in the United States of America witnessed the first day of the Awareness drive for the newest nation in the world, the 55th nation in Africa, and the 17th nation in West Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba whose Head of Provisional Government, Mobolaji Olawale Akinola Omokore, was prominently featured in the Awareness Campaign, together with the event of his Swearing-In on the 12th of April, 2024, making the D.R.Y the 196th nation in the world.

The Campaign which started at Michigan Avenue, 401, North Michigan, featured street awareness and audio visuals on the wheels.

Recall that the same Campaign had started sometime back in the City of New York and specifically at the premises of the offices of the United Nations Organization.

The Democratic Republic of the Yoruba and the Indigenous Yoruba People continue this Campaign throughout key places as they demonstrate their joy and gladness at the fulfillment of a life-long desire to take their destiny in their own hands and build a Yoruba nation of their dream that promises to be the cynosure of all eyes throughout the world for positivity and this eternally.