Eko State

Explore Eko State - The Commercial Nerve Center of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba

Eko, generally over the years dubbed as the “centre of excellence,” and previously known as “Lagos” (so named by Portuguese invaders in the early days of European incursion into Yorubaland), is obviously the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba’s entertainment capital, commercial capital, and social capital.

Eko is a coastal province bordered on the South by the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean), on the North and East by the Ogun Province and on the West by the Republic of Benin.

Eko is a land of “waters,” necessitating the eulogy “arómisá lẹ̀gbẹlẹ̀gbẹ.” Eko is, over the years and decades, the place to get away from an “enclosed” existence and enjoy the open waters, vast and massive, meeting with the sight of the skies above and the land below – the place that opens you up to the “wider” world with its opportunities for commerce, industry, entertainment and luxury. Eko is definitely the Jewel of Yorubaland. It has been described as the Entertainment Capital of the West Coast of Africa.

Eko province - the democratic republic of the Yoruba.