Ekiti State

Ekiti State of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba

The Ekiti State is one of the prominent places in the history of the Yoruba. The name “Èkìtì” was coined from the term  “Òkìtì” or “Òkè” in the common Yoruba language, meaning “hill”). The province is surounded by many hills, hence the name “Èkìtì”.

Ekiti State is an area that is landlocked, bordered on the western side by the Ọ̀ṣun Province, on the north and north-east by the Ọ̀yọ́ Empire, and on the south and south-east by the Ondo Province.

In fact, when you travel down to Ekiti, the first sign that you are in the territory is the hilly topography, which you would feel as a driver or a passenger.

A favourite delicacy of the Ekiti is the pounded yam, a delicacy it shares with much of the rest of Yorubaland, with vegetables that easily grow in much of the land.

The State has many side attractions but its most widely known for its “natural warm-spring,” a place in Ikogosi-Ekiti that is world-renown for having a meeting point where natural warm water flows side-by-side with cold water without mixing. It’s definitely a tourist’s attraction! 

The region is known for its absolute knack for intellectualism, spirituality and down-to-earth approach to matters of public relevance.

The people of Ekiti State believe so much in education that they invest much of their earnings in raising up their children academically. Today, the Ekiti people boasts a sizable number of university professors not just in the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba but in Africa.

Ekiti province in the democratic republic of the Yoruba