The Indigenous Yoruba Person is the number one reason for which the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba exists! For this reason, and, in order to ensure that never again shall the Yorubas, either individually or collectively, be in bondage to anyone, a thorough and ever-ongoing education of the citizenry is a basic part of life in the D.R.Y. This is for the purpose of making the indigenous Yoruba person to be aware of who he or she really is – spiritually, ethnically and socially. This is to create the ever-needed consciousness, the Yoruba Consciousness, that is required for true freedom and development as well as how to address issues that tend to deviate from such freedom and development.

The goal, at all times, is to ensure that, right from the cradle, the Indigenous Yoruba Person, even as a child, has stamped on his inner consciousness and manifesting in his outward relationships, the fact of his or her ‘Yoruba-ness’ and everything it entails. In this regard, the Yoruba person is not allowed to think of himself or his land as one patterned after any other anywhere in the world. Rather, Yoruba is Yoruba and does no obeisance to any other consciousness in the entire world.

This is very necessary for the purpose of ensuring that Yoruba civilisation takes its proper place at all times in the world, and that not only the individual Yoruba, but the collective Yoruba ethnicity and nation, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba has the maximal expression of its own unique identity in the Cosmos. This is essential for self-actualisation which brings ultimate fulfilment.