Documentation on the Sovereignty of Democratic Republic of the Yoruba

The Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, from the beginning, has been based on Legal and binding documentation. Documentation happens to be a strong and powerful basis of this world. From the signing of a five-million signature petition, which began on the 8th of March, 2022, and by which the said number of Indigenous Yoruba People, on the behalf of the generality of their race, notified the entire world of their intention to exit Nigeria, to the actual legally-binding Declaration of Independence of the Yoruba Nation on the 20th of November, 2022; right to the Reclamation Letters (Official Quit Notices) sent to the Nigerian governors in Yorubaland, informing them of the intention of the Indigenous Yoruba People to take over all government property, barracks, borders, stations, etc., in Yorubaland, right to other important steps towards the activation of the sovereignty of the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, it has been a foundation of definite documentation,  documentations that cannot be gainsaid in any uncorrupted judicial system in the world.

Thus, in the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba, be strongly assured that there is no room for shoddy or arbitrary regimentation except that which, by proper documentation is laid down as a definite reference point for all activities, both of government, as well as of individuals and business enterprises.

About Yoruba Nation

Going by the history of violence and wars in the continent of Africa, when it comes to nations separating or one nation which had been wrongfully joined with another seeking independence, one would think that the birth of any new nation in the continent will never be possible without wars and bloodshed.

It is therefore surprising and record breaking that a new nation was birthed recently in the continent of Africa  peacefully, without any bloodshed, through the process of self determination, as laid down and propagated in the United Nations Charter.


The Democratic Republic of the Yoruba (Yoruba Nation, Yoruba Kingdom, Yoruba land) was gloriously declared on 20th November 2022.

The Struggle

The struggle for an independent Yoruba Nation out of the British arrangement called Nigeria had been on for over thirty years, with the Yoruba people realising that the colonisation of Yorubaland and her eventual amalgamation with other nations has done a great disservice to the Yoruba people.

The agitation for the actualisation of a Yoruba Nation became very strong in recent years, which saw the involvement of many notable Yoruba sons and daughters like Chief Mrs Modupeola Onitiri Abiola (MOA), whom God eventually used to peacefully bring into being the Democratic Republic of Yoruba.

Chief Mrs Modupeola Onitiri Abiola (MOA) had been working with others for the actualisation of the Yoruba Nation underground until 2022 when she decided to come out openly and work directly with other Yorubas for a quick actualisation of an independent nation. She started by educating the Yorubas on the importance of agitating and achieving the goal of a separate nation peacefully, stating that Yorubaland was a nation before  colonisation, and that, through self determination, Yoruba land will reclaim her nationhood back.

‘what a man can do, a woman can do’ 

The popular saying ‘what a man can do, a woman can do’ has really played out here, as a courageous and dogged woman had successfully and peacefully gained freedom and an independent nation for her people.

 A big congratulations to the great Yoruba people as they earnestly await the commencement of the Yoruba Nation government.

 Long live the Yoruba race!Long live The Democratic Republic of the Yoruba

The sovereignty

Another move was made by the Yoruba Nation soldiers and police who had gone to a public radio station in their uniforms to announce the arrival of the Yoruba Nation, encouraging the people to troop out in celebration, however the Nigeria government through a show of force, again, arrested and imprisoned them.

After all these, Chief Mrs Abiola, deliberated with the Yoruba people and decided it was time to defend the sovereignty of the Yoruba Nation.

Now, there is an ongoing process of raising the sum of one million dollars for the commencement of the Yoruba provisional government also called ‘Ijoba Adele’ and to defend the sovereignty of Yoruba Nation and her people, now called the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba. The Yoruba land which consists of Eko (Lagos) state, Ogun state, Oyo state, Ondo state, Osun  state, Ekiti state and Oyo Empire, an empire which was maliciously destroyed and taken from the Yoruba people and now wrongfully called Kwara and Kogi state. History has it, with concrete evidence, that all of the land called Kwara and part of Kogi state are Yoruba land and historically the old Oyo Empire. Being that Yoruba land is naturally separated from other lands by the River Niger, going directly into the Atlantic ocean (okun ati osa) .

The Submission

Having submitted all necessary documents on the declaration to the United Nations, Chief Mrs Modupeola Onitiri Abiola also forwarded the same to all countries represented in the United Nations, alerting them of the exit of the Yoruba out of Nigeria.  Going further,  Chief Mrs Modupeola Onitiri Abiola wrote an official letter to the government of Nigeria, under the then President Mohammadu Buhari, informing the government of the peaceful exit of the Yoruba people out of Nigeria, with a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) through the process of self determination, as laid down in the United Nations Charter, which Nigeria itself is a signatory to.

After the Declaration, Mrs Abiola led the Yoruba people in a process tagged ‘reclamation’, in which she sent written official notice to all the governors in Yorubaland, informing them that the Yoruba people are reclaiming back their land as an independent nation and would start their own government, which requires the governors to vacate the government offices as they are officials elected through the Nigerian process.

The written notices were submitted physically to the government officials by volunteer Yoruba sons and daughters in the different states in Yorubaland.