If there ever was a race created by the Almighty to be profound in their existence and their way of interactions, then, of course, you know it’s the Yoruba race, and this is indeed the truth.




The Yoruba have practically a unique way of greeting in every circumstance.

Democratic Republic of the Yorùbá Ways of Greetings - Latest Òmìnira News

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Take, for instance, a woman who is heavy with child. (Pregnant, and visibly so). A Yoruba person, even without knowing that woman from Adam, on meeting her on the way, would say “Ẹ kú ìkúnra.”

“Ìkúnra” literally means “fullness of the body;” in other words, appreciating or recognizing the fact that the pregnant woman has got a unique “fulness” of the body, in other words, a “load,” a joyful load but which nevertheless needs more strength and energy to sustain, thus requiring definite effort from the woman to conduct and manage herself in a way as to ensure not only a pleasant gestation period but also a happy delivery, and knowing that all these require concerted effort, the man or woman who meets such a pregnant woman would greet her lovingly and say “Ẹ kú ìkúnra” – which means I wish you well as you gracefully carry this bundle of joy.