We stand at a very crucial time in the history of our Country, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba. It is a time when we have to be intellectually alert as well as spiritually and mentally alert.

Now, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba is ALREADY a different country from Nigeria. This is a fact before the international community, and particularly the United Nations Organization. 

However, because the Nigerian-licensed media operating in Yorubaland are NOT allowed to report the journey of the independent Sovereign Nationhood of the Yoruba, while, at the same time Nigeria’s other apparati (police, army, etc.) are still illegally encroaching on the territory of the D.R.Y, this fact of the D.R.Y being a different country/nation, especially since 12th April, 2024, when our Provisional Government was sworn in, is not immediately and physically apparent (by mere sight on the streets) to the typical Nigerian-oriented person.

The “Nigerian-orientation” has been on for decades; so, with Nigeria still refusing to vacate the territory of the D.R.Y, the Nigerian-oriented person on the street, whether he is Yoruba or not, can’t seem to be able to imbibe or process the FACT that Yoruba is now a different nation from Nigeria. However, whether they are able to process it or not, the FACT is that, as at this day, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba is a different nation from Nigeria.

Now, this ability or inability of the man on the street to accept or process the fact that the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba is, as at today, a different nation and country from Nigeria, is what certain deceitful elements, including some Yoruba person.

the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba is a different nation from Nigeria.

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Yorubas, are using to play a mind game on the unsuspecting One of such deceitful persons is a certain Dr. Akin Fapohunda, a man who in a news item monitored online, has proposed a private bill before Nigeria’s National Assembly (a different country from Yoruba) in which he advances that “every ethnic nationality and people in Nigeria will have an unconditional right to self determination..”

The real fact, however, not only in Nigeria but all over the world, is that every ethnic nationality ALREADY has the Right to Self Determination.

To say that a certain proposed bill in Nigeria is advancing that “every ethnic nationality in Nigeria will have an unconditional right to self determination,” when, ALREADY, the United Nations says every ethnic nationality has a right to self determination, and Nigeria itself is a SIGNATORY to the charter that says so, is a con man’s way of getting what he wants by making his victim look like the one who gave it freely!


If the so-called Dr. Akin Fapohunda is a member of Nigeria’s National Assembly, then it should be assumed that he already KNOWS not only the international charters and declarations that guarantee self determination, and to which his “Nigeria” is signatory; and also, it cannot be an empty assumption to say that he already knows the fact of the exit of Yoruba from Nigeria, as no honest lawmaker in Nigeria can say that by now he is not aware of this fact.

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As a matter of fact, we dare say that the whole idea behind this so-called bill proposal, is BECAUSE they know that Yoruba has exited Nigeria, but since the news is not accurately and correctly reported on Nigerian media operating in Yorubaland, this kind of proposed bill has the intention of making Yorubas who are not strong in their understanding of the independent Sovereignty of the Yoruba nation (D.R.Y), to think that “oh, now that Nigeria is saying they want to amend their Constitution to allow ethnic nationalities to be free, let’s take advantage of it so that Nigeria’s forces will leave our Land.

The moment you join forces with them, you are DENYING your own independent SOVEREIGNTY as the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba.

Secondly, you will then go into the supposed “process” of getting the bill to be passed, only to get to a point where (trust Nigeria) everything stalls! Bill is not passed; meanwhile you had surrendered your sovereignty by even returning to “being Nigerian” (which is the reason you presented yourself, as Yoruba, to participate in the procedure in the first place!) You are back to “being Nigerian” by participating in the process; meanwhile the process stalls.

Where does that take you as Yoruba? Back inside Nigeria? God forbid!

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The story of the proposed bill is a planned drama to bring Yoruba mentality back into “being Nigerian”. Indigenous Yoruba People are hereby informed that this is a mind game. Yoruba sovereignty is here to stand till the end of time.

The government and the leadership of D.R.Y Sovereignty actualization team, led by Modupe Onitiri-Abiola, is on top of the game and the forces of Nigeria encroaching upon our land will soon be forced to leave.

The supposed to be enlightened, is the one performing this show of shame!

What makes it really a show of shame (as it displays or feigns utter ignorance of the fact that Yoruba is no longer part of Nigeria) is that, according to the report, “the bill promoter added that the 36 states of the federation should be scrapped and Nigeria should be returned to regional system.” Meaning that the promoter is ignorant or feigns ignorance of the fact that as at this day, Nigeria does NOT have 36 states but 28 states, the Democratic Republic of the Yoruba having already EXITED Nigeria on 20th November 2022 and activated its Sovereignty, bringing in its own government on 12th April, 2024.

Yorubas, please don’t fall for this!